NPC TRAINING offers training and assessment that provides IDENTICAL certification to that available from other organisations.


Why do I need training?

Quite simply it is a legal requirement to be competent in the storage and use of pesticides in the work place. It is also a legal requirement to hold a Level Two Award (QCF) covering the activities you or your staff engage in. Pesticides are very widely used in the Land Based Industries but they are potentially harmful substances both to humans, animals and the environment. It is therefore essential that they are handled, stored and applied by people who are suitably trained and qualified.

Grandfather Rights

Under the previous UK legislation governing pesticide use, only those born before 31 December 1964 who used an agricultural product on their own or their employer’s land were exempt from the requirement to hold a certificate of competence. The Regulations provide for the continuation of that exemption until 26 November 2015. After that date, everyone who purchases a professional product must ensure that the intended end user holds a certificate of competence. 

After 26 November 2015 everyone who uses a professional product, including those who previously relied on “grandfather rights”, must hold a certificate of competence. 
Courses are available to cover the safe use of pesticides and will take into account both health & safety as well as environmental issues. Other courses will cover the safe use of the particular applicator that is in use. It may be the case that you will need more than one for instance if you are using hand held and vehicle mounted applicators.
The courses are suitable for anyone who is using or who intends to use pesticides in the workplace. This applies to the self employed AND to anyone else who uses, stores or transports professional crop protection products.
From the end of November 2016 all persons handling, storing or applying pesticides must also hold a current Level Two Award (QCF) in the safe use and application of pesticides. NPC Training can arrange and conduct the assessments but they must be done independently of the training courses.

All courses are delivered by Lantra Awards Instructors and have been approved by Lantra Awards. Certificates of attendance are provided to all delegates. Assessments from Lantra Awards can also be arranged at your convenience.

NPC Training can arrange the full range of pesticides courses with the most popular being:

Safe Use of Pesticides Unit - click for more details

Hand held applicators including knapsack sprayers - click for more details

Tractor mounted and other boom sprayers - click for more details

Basic training (safe use unit plus one applicator module) is of two days duration and is followed a short time afterwards by a Lantra assessment leading to a Level Two Award (QCF). Further training and assessment can be arranged to cover other units if required.


For groups of 4 or more courses and assessments can be arranged to suit you - please contact us to discuss timing of delivery and cost.

Please contact us at or use the form below to request details or to register for the next available course.

Please give us full details of your location and numbers who require the course.

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