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New Chainsaw Training Courses



Some important changes have been made to the training and assessment of forestry and arboriculture qualifications. The changes 

New Chainsaw Training Coursesreflect a complete revision of the National Occupational Standards (NOS) in Trees and Timber. A Large number of industry professionals and trade associations have worked together with Lantra Awards and City & Guilds NPTC to make certain that the new standards reflect the real needs of the sector. The new qualifications have replaced the old CS units and are now referred to as a Licence To Practice rather than Certificate of Competence. NPC Training can offer training to these new standards for forestry and arboriculture. Furthermore, it will now be possible to arrange training AND assessment through Lantra Awards making the whole process much more streamlined and uncomplicated.

There are a range of chainsaw training courses more suited to the occasional chainsaw user so if you are just cutting firewood or tidying up the estate, there is a course for you.

There is also be a range of refresher chainsaw courses that will bring training up to date and details of these can be found elsewhere on this site.

All prior qualifications held relating to the CS units, will still be recognised.

For the first time, NPC Training is able to arrange and deliver recognised qualifications with regulated assessment in the area of forestry and arboriculture and they will be identical to those offered by any other Awarding Organisation.

In short you can be sure that if you choose NPC Training as your training provider you will not only be getting the very best in training standards but also a choice of assessment options, stringent quality assurance and an excellent customer service.

The following courses are now available and lead to Level 2 or 3 Regulated Qualifications (Licence To Practice) following the relevant assessments.

ALL the following can be offered either as a training only course, an assessment only leading to a LICENCE TO PRACTICE or a training course with assessment leading to a LICENCE TO PRACTICE. This is A BIG CHANGE meaning that, for the first time, training and assessment can be obtained from one source which gives greater choice and flexibility.

The table below shows the new qualifications available with their level. Also shown is the old CS unit reference that applies to the new qualification. Training courses are available to prepare candidates for all these qualifications which give a Licence To Practice.

Please click on any course title in the left hand column for an information sheet.

please give information time to download.

New Qualification Title and Level Code (training course) Old CS Unit Reference New Qualification Code
Level 2 Award in Chainsaw Maintenance 971 CS30.1 972
Level 2 Award in Cross-cut Timber Using A Chainsaw 992 CS30.2 975
Level 2 Award in Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross-cutting 991 CS30.1 & CS30.2 974
Level 2 Award in Felling & Processing Trees Up To 380mm 2541 CS31 976
Level 2 Award in Cross-cutting, Maintenance & Felling Trees up to 380mm (see above two courses for details) 2564 CS30 & CS31 974 & 976
Level 3 Award in Emergency Tree Work Operations 2542 CS50 977
Level 3 Award in Felling & Processing Tres Over 380mm 2543 CS32 978
Level 3 Award in Assisted Fell Operations 2544 N/A 979
Level 3 Award in Severing Uprooted or Windblown Trees Using a Chainsaw. 2545 CS34 & CS35 980
Level 2 Award in Remove Branches and Breakdown Crowns 2546 CS37 981
Level 2 Award in Using a Powered Pole Pruner 2547 CS48 984
Level 2 Award in Accessing a Tree Using a Rope & Harness 2548 CS38.1 & CS46 985
Level 3 Award in Aerial Tree Rescue Operations 2549 CS38.2 986
Level 2 Award in Aerial Rescue & Access a Tree With a Rope & Harness 2565 985 & 986
Level 3 Award in Aerial Cutting of Trees Using Free Fall Techniques 2550 CS39 & CS46 987

Level 3 Award in Aerial Tree Pruning

2551 CS40 988
Level 3 Award in Aerial Tree Rigging. 2552 CS41 989
Level 4 Award in Thorough Examination of Arboricultural Lifting Equipment 2553     -- 2583
Level 3 Award in Use of A Chainsaw From a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP). 2554 CS47 2582
Level 2 Award in Supporting Colleagues Undertaking Off Grounf Tree Operations (qualification only)   -- CS45 982
Level 3 Award in Preparing and Agreeing Emergency Tree Work Operations (qualification only)   --   -- 983
 Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross-cutting  2556  N/A   N/A
 Chainsaw Basic Felling Techniques Up To 200mm  2557   N/A  N/A 
 Chainsaw Maintenance, Cross-cutting and Basic Felling Techniques up to 200mm. Please click on above two courses for details.  2558   N/A   N/A
 Using A Powered Pole Pruner  2559   N/A  N/A 

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