We are commited to ensuring your safety on all our courses and that is even more impoortant during these difficult times for us all. We are working hard to make it possible to deliver training that meets all the requirements of current self distancing and hygeine measures that have been reccommended. This is no easy task and we ask you all to bear with us while we confront the issues involved.

Brushcutters, Clearing

Saws and Trimmer Courses.

These courses are aimed at those wishing to work or who are currently working in the agricultural, horticulture, aboricultural, landscaping or grounds maintenance industries or those using the machines for business, domestic or leisure activities.

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) require employers to provide adequate training and to ensure that equipment is operated only by employees who have received appropriate training in their safe use.

These courses aim to establish that delegates have the relevant knowledge and understanding as well as the appropriate skills required for the competent and safe use of a brushcutter, clearing saw or trimmer.
Inexperienced members may require longer than the stated guide times to fully utilise the information supplied.

The following courses are available:

Grass Trimmer A one day course covering the use of nylon line trimmers only - a very popular course and important for personal or staff development plans.

For more details please click HERE

BrushcutterA two day course covering the use of nylon line trimmers and the use of steel blades on machines. The use of metal cutting attachments involves additional safety aspects regarding the choice, fitting and maintenance of the cutting attachment. For this reason it is advised to limit use to nylon line heads if at all possible. Please call us for advice.

For more details please click HERE

Clearing saw A one day course covering the use of clearing saws.

For more details please click HERE

All the above courses will be assessed during the trainig and those who pass will be awarded a Lantra Awards Certificate of Basic Skills and a photo ID card.

Courses for experienced operators are also available to update training and re-new certification. Dont forget that the law requires updating of training on a 3 to 5 year basis.

  OR email us directly at npctraining@gmail.com.  Please give full details of your location and numbers who require training.

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