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If you are considering the use of a chainsaw at whatever stage in life or for whatever reason, you have come to the right place. We specialise in training beginners in the use of chainsaws as well as those who have been using them for some time. Whether for personal use or professional, there is a suitable course for you which will make you a much safer user.

CHAINSAW MAINTENANCE AND CROSSCUTTING -- COURSE 2556 (Integrated Training and assessment (ITA)). This course is aimed at occasional users and the qualification awarded at the end of the course restricts holders to what further training units can be taken in the future.

CHAINSAW MAINTENANCE AND CROSSCUTTING -- COURSE 991 (Training Only) This course is reccommended for those who do not require a qualification or users who wish to use chainsaws in a professional capacity. Professional users are required to hold a Licence To Practice which must be assessed at a different time to the training.

These are the the most popular courses and where everyone wishing to use a chainsaw safely will start. It is a two day course run on your site or at our venue and covers the maintenance of a chainsaw and its use to cross cut timber on the ground. Bar length is limited to 15 inches.

This training course can provide a Lantra Awards Certificate of Basic Skills, a photo ID card AND prepare candidates for the Level 2 Award in chainsaw maintenance and crosscutting. The Certificate of Basic Skills is aimed at occasional users who do not need or wish to take a regulated assessment. The Level Two Award is available from Lantra Awards and provides a Licence To Practice for those that pass (formerly known as CS30) This qualification is aimed at those who wish to go further with other Forestry and Arboriculture units. Please note that persons wishing to go on to fell small trees upto 380mm MUST do the level 2 assessment for crosscutting and maintenance. These courses are aimed at those persons who are new to using a chainsaw and leaves all their options open for future training and assessment whether they simply want to cut firewood safely, maintain an area of woodland or go on to become Tree Surgeons or Foresters. They are equally suited to those who have experience and wish to achieve a formal qualification.

On this course you will be given all the advice and guidance you require to decide what assessment and future training you require if any. Help will also be provided in applying for and taking the necessary assessment with Lantra Awards.

Basic chainsaw training

The course covers the following:

  1. Introduction
  2. Safety and health features of a chainsaw
  3. Chainsaw maintenance
  4. Personal protective equipment
  5. Fuelling and starting a chainsaw
  6. Preparing site and chainsaw checks
  7. Performing pre-cutting checks
  8. Cross-cutting timber
  9. Dealing with tension and compression in the timber
  10. Alternative cutting techniques such as boring
  11. Stack timber
  12. Adjusting the chainsaw
  13. Risk Assessment

For further course details please use the following links or contact us using the enquiry form:

Chainsaw crosscutting and maintenance information sheet: PLEASE CLICK HERE.

For information about what equipment you need to have for the courses: PLEASE CLICK  HERE.

A chainsaw, fuel, oil and tools for the course can be provided to you for a cost of £30:00 *

A set of personal protective clothing can be provided to you for a cost of £40:00 *

* Should you not have these and wish to find out more about what is required prior to purchase.

NEXT COURSES : Spring 2019.

Dates for this course are as follows. They will be popular so please get your booking in early to avoid disappointment.

Please register your interest with us for this course and check this page for future dates which will be posted as demand requires.

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These courses are TRAINING ONLY and provide only a certificate of attendance. To achieve a qualification an assessment must be done at another time following a period of practice. We are able to arrange this for you if required.

For more details about these courses please contact us.

CHAINSAW MAINTENANCE - 971           1 Day



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