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Lantra Awards Technical Award in Loaders - Shotgun (level 2)

Product Code:  AFIR001.

Shotguns are widely used in both a work and recreational role and it is essential that they are used responsibly and safely. There are also many safety rules and regulations governing the use of shotguns that users are required to be aware of.

This one day course is aimed at those with some shooting experience who wish to further their skills, knowledge and understanding. The course is assessed and will provide a Lantra skills certificate for those who meet the criteria.

Courses are delivered at various locations around the country and details of those coming up appear below.

For further course details please click HERE.

Should you wish to book a place on any of the courses shown above, please return the completed application form to us as soon as possible at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


We are always happy to provide further information should you wish to call us.

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