We are commited to ensuring your safety on all our courses and that is even more important during these difficult times for us all. We are working hard to make it possible to deliver training that meets all the requirements of current self distancing and hygeine measures that have been reccommended. This is no easy task and we ask you all to bear with us while we confront the issues involved.

NPC Training - Chainsaw training, Groundcare courses, Pesticides training, Safety courses & more.


Welcome to NPC Training. Specialists in Chainsaw Training Courses, Groundcare, Pesticides Training, Safety courses and more. This site is intended to make it easier to identify training that will meet your needs. There is brief information about the most commonly requested courses but if more details are required on these or any other Lantra Awards courses, please email us (NPCTRAINING@gmail.com) or telephone Nick Cartwright on the numbers on this page. Thank you for your interest.

NPC TRAINING is an established Lantra Awards Training Centre and can arrange training to suit you and your staff. All the Instructors used are approved by Lantra Awards so they are not only experienced in their field but also have the ability to put this across to trainees. Do not risk attending substandard training courses run over shorter periods and without NATIONALLY RECOGNISED CERTIFICATION. All our courses lead to either a Lantra Awards Certificate of basic skills or Level Two or Three qualifications following independent assessment.

NPC TRAINING can help construct a training programme for you or your staff. Advice can be given on prioritising your training according to risk and the plan could be over a few days or several months.

RISK ASSESSMENT is also an important issue in the workplace. NPC Training can also assist with and advise on your approach to risk assessment so that your workplace is both safe and complies with current legislation.

TRAINING is the single most important issue when it comes to work place safety and it has been proved that it prevents accidents, serious injury and even death. The Provision And Use Of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) makes it a legal requirement for employers to provide adequate training for staff on all work equipment that they use. A Lantra Awards Certificate of Basic Skills meets this requirement and it is also recognised by the HSE.

The most popular courses include:Chainsaw Course and Chainsaw Training leading to a chainsaw license and certificate

  1. Chainsaw Training and Related Operations
  2. Groundcare Training with Mowing Machines
  3. Pedestrian Operated Mowing Machine Training
  4. Tractor Training
  5. Pole Saw Training
  6. Hand held Hedge Cutter Training
  7. Pesticides Training (Level Two assessment (QCF) required)
  8. Wood Chipper Training
  9. Abrasive Wheels Training
  10. Stump Grinder Training
  11. First Aid Training
  12. Fork Lift Truck Training
  13. Quad Bikes Training and All Terrain Vehicle Training
  14. Pest Control Courses (insects and rodents etc.).

For more details please use the menu above to select your course. If you are interested in any of the courses offered please get in touch with Nick Cartwright who will be pleased to help and give advice regarding your programme of training. Prices are very competitive and start from as little as £100.00 per person per day; package prices available on request.

  OR email us directly at npctraining@gmail.com.  Please give full detasils of your location and numbers who want training.                        

NPC Training will look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest.

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